Wanted: Do you have one of these?

Got one of these?

We receive requests from production companies for dogs of all shapes and sizes but we’re especially in need of more of the following breeds. Do you have one or know someone that does? If so, please direct them here.

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Red Golden Retrievers

Red-Gold golden retriever

Yellow Golden Retrievers

Yellow Golden Retriever

Welsh Springer Spaniels


English Springer Spaniels

English Springer Spaniels

Hungarian Pulis (White)

White Hungarian Puli

Jack Russells

Jack Russell



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Wanted: Do you have one of these?

We receive requests for dogs of all shapes and sizes but we're especially in need of more of the following breeds: Red/Gold golden retriever, Yellow Golden Retriever, Springer Spaniel (Welsh & English), Hungarian Puli (White), Jack Russell, Chihuahua.

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