The 10 Perfect Christmas Presents for your Dog

The 10 Best Dog Christmas Presents

Christmas is a time that is spent with family and friends and in particular, our beloved dogs. Throughout the year, they show us loyalty, love and affection so why not include them in the list of people you have to buy for. Of course, you will want to buy them more than a bag of dog chews, so take a look at the list of luxury gifts below and give your dog a wonderful gift this Christmas.

1. Petfusion Memory Foam Dog Bed

Pet Fusion Memory Foam Dog Bed

Opt for one of these and your dog will love you forever more. The Petfusion memory foam dog bed offers comfort and support, ensuring that your dog will always be able to find their perfect position. The smart design also ensures it fits with your home.

Sandra’s thoughts: Memory foam beds are excellent for elderly dogs or dogs with joint problems as they provide great support.


2. The Dog’s Bed

Made of high-quality materials and medical grade orthopaedic support, your dog will always be able to relax. The Dog’s Bed is the ultimate in luxury for your dog, giving them the perfect night’s sleep.

Sandra’s thoughts: This bed is excellent for elderly dogs or dogs with joint problems as they provide great support.


3. Dog & Field Anti Pull Lead

Dog and Field Anti Pull Lead

If you want to ensure that you and your dog enjoy your special walks together, the Dog & Field Anti Pull Lead is designed with soft braided nylon and offers a good length for a comfortable walk.

Sandra’s thoughts: Anti-pull leads are a great tool, especially for medium and large dogs.


4. Songmics Dog Cage

Songmics Dog Cage

Made of exceptional quality materials, the Songmics Dog Cage will give your dog the chance to have a place that they can call home. Two doors provide easy access and plenty of space ensures your dog can stretch out.

Sandra’s thoughts: Dog crates are brilliant for house training and are a safe way for your dog to travel in a vehicle. Crates provide a safe space for your dog escape. Crates are also great for preventing separation anxiety.

5. Gorpets Cuddle Soft Daddy Octopus Toy

Gorpets Cuddle Soft Daddy Octopus Toy

This durable soft dog chew comes in a range of colours, providing your dog with many hours of fun and excitement. The legs make a crackly noise to keep your puppy entertained and there are two squeakers. It is tough and resistant, giving a toy that will last.

Sandra’s Thoughts: Octopus is great for use as a training tool to prevent nipping pups and dogs. Simply hold Octopus between you and you dog and let them sink their teeth into him rather than you!

6. Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

If your dog eats too quickly then why not get them the Slow Feeder Dog Bowl. The clever design incorporates a puzzle aspect meaning that your dog will have to work harder to get their food! High-quality materials and simple to clean it is great for you and your dog.

Sandra’s Thoughts: Slow feeders encourage your dog to chew their food properly rather than ‘inhale’ it. It also helps prevent your dog from eating their food too quickly and being sick.

7. Wimbourne Raised Dog Bowl Stand

Wimbourne Raised Dog Bowl Stand

This solid, wrought iron Wimbourne raised dog bowl stand is designed to look good and provide your dog with an easier way to eat their food. This will ensure that your dog will be able to eat from a comfortable height.

Sandra’s Thoughts: Deep chested and taller breeds can struggle with eating from the floor. Having a raised dog bowl can alleviate problems with them having to splay their legs.

8. Dog Tug Rope Toy

Dog Tug Rope Toy

The Dog Tug Rope Toy is designed to give your dog hours of fun while giving them a gift that they will truly make their own. Available in a range of sizes and colours they are ideal for playing and training.

Sandra’s Thoughts: This rope toy is great for using as a retrieving toy and for your dog to run around with. You should not have a tug-o-war with your dog as it risks injuring their teeth, jaw and neck.

9. Kong Genius Dog Toy

Kong Genius

The perfect gift for your dog, the Kong Genius Dog Toy will provide hours of chewing fun. Stuff it with gifts and set your dog a challenge. This is the ideal gift for the dog who likes to chew and let their curiosity run wild.

Sandra’s Thoughts: Another great feeder toy that slows down your dog when eating and keep them distracted when guests arrive.

10. Kong Goodie Bone Extreme Medium

Kong Goodie Bone Extreme

No Christmas list for your dog is complete without a bone. The Kong Goodie Bone Extreme is designed to give your dog hours of fun, made from durable rubber, it will definitely take some chewing.

Sandra’s Thoughts: A really solid rubber bone that’s great for your dog to chew on without risk of it breaking into pieces.

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