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Make sure to get my best side!

It is quite often the case that photo shoots will be done in conjunction with filming. The main cast is taken to one side after filming for interviews and photos. Depending on the dogs role in the production, they may also be required to be photographed. Dogs and their handlers are increasingly being interviewed these days as it is popular to run a feature on the making of the commercial on You Tube, thereby maximising the reach of a particular campaign.

House of Fraser

House of Fraser photoshoot featuring Great Dane, Missy Bulldog and Edward Pembroke Corgi.

Some assignments do not involve any film work and are just photo shoots. This is more often the case for print e.g. books and magazines.


Aquascutum Photoshoot with Pierce Brosnan

Shoots can be in a studio or on location and may require static poses or action shots. Just because it’s photography doesn’t mean that your dog won’t be required to perform tricks. They may want your dog in a particular pose and to hold that for a duration whilst the photographs are taken. They may be required to jump, bark or roll over.


French cosmopolitan fashion shoot with Crena Watson

This type of work can be the most difficult for a dog to perform as they may need to hold a Stayposition for a long time, perhaps as long as 10 to 15 minutes. They may also need to follow commands during the Staysuch as looking up and down, flicking their ears and so on, all without getting up. This would need to be performed off-lead and with endless distractions such as make-up artists doing touch-ups, perfecting the models, set designers adjusting the stage, lighting changes, cameras not working, you get the idea.