How to Choose the Perfect Dog Bed

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The quality of bed your dog sleeps on can have a massive impact on their health.

It is therefore important to make good decisions when endeavoring to choose a comfortable bed for your pup.

Dogs are faithful companions, loyal to a fault. They can sleep anywhere without complaining, provided the place is safe.

But a caring dog owner won’t allow his or her pet to sleep on a poor quality bed, or bare floor.

I’m going to share with you vital information regarding the ideal dog bed to choose and why most dog beds are less than perfect.

Why a good night’s sleep is vital for your dog

Sad Looking Dog Sleeping on Floor

As humans, having proper night rest helps us unwind and contributes to maintaining good health.

Our canine friends also benefit from a good night’s rests and proper sleep the same way we do. But as it is for humans, sleep duration and quality of bed are equally vital to dogs.

Research has indicated that length and quality of sleep a dog has can have a big impact on overall health and behavior. On the other hand, not having enough sleep can cause stress hormones to build-up.

This can lead to a series of adverse side effects every dog owner would find unpleasant. So getting your dog a good quality bed is really important.

Melatonin is also a very vital hormone. It is crucial for the wellbeing of humans and dogs. It helps to strengthen the defense system to tackle diseases. The hormone also protects cells from every form of attack, thus ensuring we are always in good health.

The body releases this hormone only when humans or dogs have enough rest. A lack of melatonin invariably indicates not having a proper night’s rest, which can result in poor health.

So, if you want a healthy and well-behaved canine friend, then ensure they get a proper night rest every single day. It’s so easy to achieve with the right dog bed.

What kinds of things can affect your dog’s sleep?

Poor Dog Sleeping on Mat

Have you ever woken up in the morning feeling aches and pains? It happens to dogs too. Often it’s as a result of a poor quality bed.

A dog’s sleeping position may have been wrong leading to several forms of avoidable physical injuries such as joint and neck pain.


Arthritis is one physical problem that can rob dogs of their perfect night rest. It can be very discomforting. Osteoarthritis is common in dogs as they age. Their bodies tend to lose adequate blood circulation and muscle tone.

Cartilage breakdown also causes arthritis in dogs. The joints will start rubbing against each other and become inflamed at the end of the day.

Arthritis symptoms are worse during winter months. One easy way dog owners can make things easier for their pets, is by providing supportive and comfortable bedding. Arthritis can make it difficult for dogs to sleep peacefully. The same thing happens in humans.

Muscle Loss

Muscle loss is another physical problem that dogs experience depriving them of a proper night’s rest. It may cause your pet to look thinner or sunken.

Muscle loss generally makes it challenging for dogs to move around and have fun, and causes dogs to suffer a lack of energy, painful joints, among other physical conditions.

These types of problems are compounded with an inferior quality bed.

Poor Quality Dog Beds

Unhappy Dog in Cheap Dog Bed

There are thousands of cheap, low-quality dog beds on the market. So, it’s easy to think any will do. But if you are serious about taking proper care of your dog’s needs, then stay away from them.

Most dog beds don’t serve more than one purpose. They may be water resistant, but don’t provide proper head and neck support. Or they may have a non-slip base but are impossible to clean.

The best thing is to choose a dog bed capable of providing all-round comfort and meeting all your dog’s needs.

Here are a some common types of beds and problems they can cause.

1. Pillow Dog Bed

Poor Quality Dog Bed

The name of this dog bed says it all. It is usually a large-sized pillow that dog sleeps on. They come in many different sizes. The problem with pillow bed is that they don’t provide proper neck and head support.

They often lack the non-slip base, increasing the chance that your dog could slip and fail when getting off the bed. Beds without non-slip bases should be avoided at all costs. Dogs can strain muscles or tear ligaments if their bed slides from under them.

2. Heated Dog Beds

Heated dog beds are more suitable for older dogs, most especially those with joint pains. As the name implies, the bed is usually warm, so dogs may find the heat soothing. But then, this bed type is more suitable for colder climates.

Heated dog beds can be a challenge to clean, owing to the material used in making them. They are also not built to provide proper head and neck support to your dog which aids comfort and proper night rest.

The Ideal Bed

As a responsible dog owner you owe it to your dog to make your canine friend comfortable, healthy and happy.

If you want to give your dog have good night rest and all round comfort, then choose a bed that has the following features and benefits:

  • Memory Foam – It’s wise to invest in a bed with dense memory foam. Not only will it have the ability to retain its shape for longer, it will be comfortable for you dog, irrespective of weight or size. Plus, sleeping on this kind of foam will give your dog the needed comfort to enjoy a good night rest.
  • Head & Neck Support – Like humans, dogs also need proper head and neck support while sleeping. It will ensure adequate blood flow and prevent neck pain. The head and neck support will give your dog the physical support they need wherever they sleep and remain in one position for long period of time.
  • Non-slip base – This is another essential feature to look for before splashing the cash on a dog bed. If your dog likes to change position while sleeping, a bed with the non-slip base will prevent them from falling off the edge. It will also great avoid the chances of injury when getting on and off the bed.
  • Durable material – Durability is a vital feature. Check the quality of the material used. Can they withstand rough handling from your dog? Many cheap dog beds are made of poor quality materials they are quickly destroyed by dogs.
  • Removable covers – Choosing a dog bed with removable covers is a wise decision. It will help you ensure that your dog’s sleeping area is clean and sanitary. Irrespective of the stain, you will be able to wash it off. You should also choose a dog bed cover you can wash manually and with the help of a machine.
  • Water resistant – Water resistant bed are great for indoor and outdoor use. Choose a dog bed that will not get damaged even when it comes in contact with water. Also, being water resistant means water won’t be able to reach the inner parts of the foam, which is essential.
  • Easy to clean – Another feature to look at for before buying a bed is the ease of cleaning. Does it require a herculean amount of strength to get stains off the dog bed? Should you dog have an accident whilst on their bed you want to be able to clean it and get rid of the smell.

Our Recommended Bed

PetFusion Memory Foam Dog Bed

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed

One of our favourite beds is PetFusion’s Memory Foam Dog Bed. It has all of the recommended features and it also looks great. It is a tough task to find a dog bed that possesses all the features listed above but this one fulfils all the requirements of our ideal bed. The PetFusion Memory Foam is designed to help dogs have good night rests, which translates to uninterrupted sleep for both you and your dog. It’s easy to clean and comes with removable covers for machine or hand washing. Finally, it has a non-slip base.

PetFusion Memory Foam Dog Bed is available from good retailers and is available on Amazon.


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