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Make Your Dog A Superstar

I’m delighted to announce the launch of my brand new online club Dogs On Camera Superstars. Superstars in unlike any other online club as it allows you to design your dog’s profile and showcase them on the Dogs On Camera website. Most of the enquiries we receive from production companies come from our website. They are always on the look out for the perfect dog for their next shoot. You have no doubt seen many of our Superstar dogs on TV without even knowing it!

How To Successfully Combat Canine Separation Anxiety

When you get a dog, the last thing you want them to suffer with is separation anxiety when you leave.  It’s perfectly normal for dogs to have anxiety when their humans are gone. After all, they’re social animals.  But, although it’s normal, it’s not something you want them to feel needlessly. You know you have […]

George Cavalier makes Film Debut

George, the King Charles Cavalier, makes his film debut as co-star the short film ‘A Night in the Life’. The film was produced by buddy film producer, Penny Smith, who is currently studying at The London Art School. It’s about a pill-popping insomniac, who takes a strange journey through the night accompanied by her pet […]